Welcome to my life.
This is everyday life. Messy stuff included.
Real life celebrates victories, and suffers defeat.
I hope I can be candid here, because the truth is that I’m not a superwoman.

Some days I accomplish a lot, and other days my only accomplishment is that my kids didn’t kill one other.

Some days I prepare delicious meals with whole foods that everyone enjoys, other days the kids turn their noses up in disgust, and still other days we eat food from a drive-thru window for supper…and sometimes it happens a few days in a row.

Some days I am up to date with the bills, and other days I am making late payment charges.

Some days I wash the floor, vacuum, and catch up with the laundry, and other days I can’t see my floor or kitchen counter, and no one can find clean underwear.

Some days I am fully engaged in homeschooling – checking off every subject in my teaching guide as my kids listen attentively, and other days I convince myself that playing Wii is a good educational activity.

Some days I am patient with my kids, and other days I yell at them.

Some days I am an excellent wife, and other days I fear I am bringing rottenness to my husband’s bones.

Some days I glorify Jesus with the life I am living, and other days I am living for my own glory and wonder why things are so screwed up.

I don’t have it all together, and I am in desperate need of a savior.
Welcome to my life.
Welcome to kim365.