1: Dignity


A trip to see my doctor today resulted in a thrilling discovery: gone are the paper cover-up sheets. Hello gowns and partial dignity!

6 Responses to “1: Dignity”

  1. Dana:

    And you brought your camera to the Dr.? haha
    Great photo.
    Love the look of this site!(good job Clay) Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Becky Fehr:

    Ha ha ha, interesting start! This is such a great idea! Looking forward to following it!

  3. haha! and I get to be the first to comment! Oh my doc has always had gowns and cover up sheets.
    Nice shot.
    Welcome to carrying your camera EVERYWHERE and obsessing on the shot of the day. Check out “365 Project” to add a little pressure to the game. http://365project.org

  4. Clay Bitner:

    I can’t take the credit for the look of it. I just found the template and installed it. I was going to do one similar but this was already finished for me. I’ll probably make some tweaks to it once I have time.

  5. karina:

    really? no more sheets? yay!!!!!!! one less thing to dread the next time i go see the doctor 🙂 (cause i think we have the same doctor.)

  6. kim:

    Yes Karina, I think we do have the same doctor 🙂
    FYI for everyone, your first comment on this page doesn’t appear immediately, but goes in queue for me to approve if you’re a legitimate poster or spam. After I approve the first comment, any further comments should appear right after you submit them. That’s how I understand it anyway 🙂

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