25: Seriously?!

Whose Christmas would be complete without a Snuggie? Not mine, apparently.

3 Responses to “25: Seriously?!”

  1. Becky Fehr:

    This picture is fabulous! Ha ha ha, could be a commercial shot!

  2. karina:

    hehe, i just have to ask – did you ACTUALLY get that for christmas? and if you did, was it requested or was someone having a little fun? so funny 🙂

  3. kim:

    I actually got this for Christmas, and no I did not ask for it, haha. Every year at the extended Bitner family get together we do a gift exchange (white elephant or whatever you want to call it). I always bring something that I’m sure anyone would love, and leave with….a Snuggie, of all things 🙂 I think it’s hilarious. As much as I make fun of it I’m sure I’ll come to appreciate it since I always want a blanket if I’m watching anything on TV in the evening.

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