When we are feeling utterly uninspired at mealtime, this is a simple and delicious go-to meal. With our entire household feeling under the weather, today we were definitely needing something quick and easy.

4 Responses to “30: Not your dad’s wieners and beans”

  1. Joanne:

    looks yummy!recipe?

  2. kim:

    Super easy Joanne! The basic recipe for this is just a box of Annie’s White Cheddar Shells (Costco – great price!), any veg you’ve got (frozen or fresh), and any leftover meat you can find. So sometimes I do it with green beans, sometimes chopped tomatoes, sometimes frozen mixed veg. For meat I’ll throw in chicken or hot dogs. It rounds out the pasta, and makes one box stretch enough for our little family 🙂 I think our favourite combo is chicken and tomato.

  3. Joanne:

    Thanks Kim! I’ll be adding it to our ‘repertoire’!

  4. Becky Fehr:

    Good idea:)

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