6: Pepernoten


It's beginning to taste a lot like Christmas! Mmmm....I baked a batch of Pepernoten (aka: Peppernuts) yesterday. No one could keep their hands out of the container, least of all me. Might have to make another batch since they're half gone already :)

5 Responses to “6: Pepernoten”

  1. Jean:

    Mitch – these are so fun… and so good! Way to find that inner artist. Those Bitner kids are yummalicious! Thanks for showing us the wintery beauty and for reminding me of peppernuts – I need to make some of those.
    Love you, little sis!

  2. Becky Fehr:

    Oh I haven’t had them since I was a child and went to the local Mennonite Church for Sunday School! Even my years in Waldheim I managed to miss them when they where served (always go quickly)! So yummy! I used to buy margarine tubs of them from the older ladies at that little church for 50cents and eat them all by myself in my bedroom:) Your photo is lovely, it brought back such a warm memory for me! You think I would see more of them with a name like Fehr but my man’s side is the only German side and they just don’t make them:(

  3. karina:

    did you use a cookie cutter of some kind? they all look so uniform in size and shape … i made some too for the first time this year but they are not so pretty 🙂

  4. kim:

    Becky, I can just picture you holed up in your bedroom eating an entire margarine tub of these, teehee 🙂
    Karina, I rolled the dough out and then cut them using an apple corer – works like a charm!

  5. Angie:

    Dale is very appreciative that you thought of him!! He polished off every last morsel I sent to work with him… luckily I saved some for home too!

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