It feels like about -40C with the wind here today, which seemed like perfect weather to get down to the river and capture the steam rising from the water in the extreme cold, haha :) I felt a little crazy being outside taking pictures in this weather, but not as crazy as the guy who ran past me on a morning jog. Seriously?!

5 Responses to “8: Baby it’s cold outside!”

  1. Becky Fehr:

    What a great shot! Good for you! I don’t think I have taken the time in the winter to really look at the steam on the river! Beautiful in a scary way.

    I have one of those crazy’s…my husband is still riding his bicycle to work in this stuff!

  2. Jude:

    Nice Kim! Makes me dream of being home for Christmas. Not sure when (if) that will ever happen again! Too many kids, not enough money to fly : )

  3. Fabulous shot. I noticed the steam the other day crossing the river but, no camera. Enter this one in the 365 theme-cloud – it’s a winner.

  4. kim:

    Thanks Julie! I did enter it just now.

  5. dana:


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