I want my kids to be readers. I want them to know the joy that sitting down with a good book can bring. That said, we don't do a ton of reading in this house. I hadn't been to the library in ages. There is something incredibly overwhelming about standing in the middle of the children's section and seeing rows upon rows of books and not knowing which ones are meaningless drivell (or worse, encouraging things I don't want to encourage), and which ones are winners. Thankfully I found a list online from a blogger I would say I trust, and her top ten children's authors. We went, we conquered, and the proof is in the bookshelf. So far, The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss is their favourite.

3 Responses to “41: Faraway Places”

  1. karina:

    oh, i remember reading the frog and toad books growing up. good stuff 🙂 i will have to see if the town library has The Carrot Seed so we can check it out!

  2. Becky Fehr:

    Now I have to find the carrot seed too… like the picture but I just love photos of a bunch of books, it looks so cozy and inviting!

  3. dana:

    The Carrot Seed is the very first book I read! I have a vivid memory of reading it out loud to my brother!
    Can you send me the list?

    Great photo!

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