Somehow our boys thought it appropriate to name their spacemen Goopa Guys. It appears Orange Goopa Guy has landed on a strange planet. White, grainy soil and....are those strange land masses edible? Might be an okay place to be stuck after all!

3 Responses to “49: “Goopa to earth, come in!””

  1. Sydney:

    This one is amazing!

  2. Becky Fehr:

    Looks like a cracker add, and love the name your boys came up with. This picture grabbed my attention right a way and I wanted to know the story!

  3. kim:

    Thanks ladies 🙂 Clay and I now refer to M&W as “The Goopa Guys”, but usually just between us. If we call them that to their faces we are quickly corrected with, “No! I’m not a goopa guy! I’m Spiderman/a lion/tyrannosaurus,” or any host of creatures they are pretending to be in that moment 🙂

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