56: Muffin Monday

Muffin Monday

I'm trying to make it a regular thing to bake muffins on Mondays so that we've got easy go-to breakfasts for the rest of the week. And while we bake, we sing, "It's just another muffin Monday!"

6 Responses to “56: Muffin Monday”

  1. Dad:

    those things look pretty yummmy weplan to head out tomorrow see if you got any left by fri.

  2. kim:

    I hope there will be some left by then, but don’t speed too much trying to find out!
    Looking forward to having you home again!

  3. Sher:

    YUM! Looks like a familiar recipe~Jude’s famous muffins by any chance?! A favorite here too. Great idea, Kim~Muffin Monday! Makes me want to bake…

  4. Kim:

    Yes, Jude’s famous recipe – they rock! I made a batch of those, and a double batch of raisin & bran muffins.

  5. Becky Fehr:

    Great visual! It is like an ocean of muffins! What a delicious concept!

  6. Angie:

    Can you please send me the recipe? These are the BEST muffins and I love the idea of Muffin Mondays!

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