58: MacGyver


Wyatt giving baby sister a big smooch. He is hilarious when he talks to her, using his baby-talk voice and peering through squinty, smiley eyes. He's been so affectionate lately, and today showed off his resourceful MacGyver side as well: he hauled his Lightning McQueen chair into her room, pushed it up against the playpen, folded the top down to give himself a bigger step, climbed up, and launched himself into the bed with her! They both thought it was a brilliant discovery. The textured look is just the mesh of the playpen, out of focus.

3 Responses to “58: MacGyver”

  1. Becky Fehr:

    Oh I LOVE this one! The mesh of the playpen and the story! BRILLIANT! What a sweet capture and great little adventure in their lives.

  2. dana:


  3. Angie:

    What an amazing moment to capture. This 365 project is a precious gift!

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