I haven't had a haircut in at least 9 months. Over that time I wasn't unhappy with the way my hair looked, which was new, so my plan was to grow it until I hated it...and today was that day! In the past my spontaneous haircuts have rarely resulted in success, but that doesn't stop me from trying. And today, I won! I went to a salon pretty close by, recommended by Esther and Becky, and I am SO happy with my new 'do! I know you can't see the cut very well in this pic, but of all the ones I took I like the way I look in this one the best.

5 Responses to “66: Time For A Change”

  1. Jude:

    SISTER! Love the cut. Well done. I’m in full grow out mode and it’s UHgH most days. Hoping for a ponytail by summer.

  2. dana:

    Looks great from what I can see:) Where did you go?

  3. kim:

    Solar Styling Salon, on Acadia Drive. Sort of hidden away, I never would have found it if not for word of mouth. I’ve been avoiding getting a haircut since we moved because I had no idea where to go now that Chris isn’t a couple blocks’ walk away 🙂 I’ll definitely go back there, the girl who did my hair was great and did such a good job.

  4. Becky Fehr:

    Looks GREAT! Yay for a good hair cut! So glad it worked out for you. I was so scared (he he he) when I had to switch salons but I couldn’t believe it when the one down the block turned out to be so great!

  5. Angie:

    Can’t wait to see it in person! You are beautiful!

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