72: For the Birds

For The Birds
I'm starting to think I should declare "Winter Wednesday" on my 365 page :) I usually get out of the city on Wednesday and take my time getting back while I search for beauty out in the country. Isn't this row of red bird houses such a beautiful surprise amid the white of winter? I am still laughing at myself running through the mid-calf deep snow in the ditch with my Chuck Taylors to get this shot :)

4 Responses to “72: For the Birds”

  1. dana:

    love the bright red! Great shot! Where is this? Dalmeny highway?

  2. kim:

    Thanks! Lutheran Road, right by Hwy 12.

  3. Becky Fehr:

    Wow! Beautiful color blast! The fence is so white! The red so pretty!

  4. Jean:

    Mitch – this would be so nice framed up and sent to your sister in Kenya who is sweating away the days… very visually suggestive of cool things, mind over reality stuff : )

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