Meet our little family of djembes: the smallest one was a gift from my sister Jean, brought all the way here by her from Kenya, the medium sized one I brought home from Uganda when I was there in 2003, and the largest one is one I bought to play with since the smaller two don't have very good tone. They sure look good though!

I haven't had much opportunity to play since having kids, but I still enjoy it when I have the chance!

2 Responses to “103: Jambo Bwana!”

  1. Becky Fehr:

    Very cool, would like to hear you play sometime.

  2. Kim:

    I pretty much just played during the music at church on Sunday mornings, but people stopped asking me once I had Markus. I’m hoping I can start doing it more often once I don’t have to run interference with the kids so much 🙂 (Will that day ever come?)

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