Nothing more exciting than my menu planning madness to share with you today. Actually, it's very exciting to me because I planned a ton of meals for the month today and did so without crying! In all honesty, it has been so overwhelming for me to get my head into the zone of cooking lately, and today it just clicked. Rather than trying to do it on the computer I ripped open a pizza box and let my thoughts flow. There is a method to the madness before you!

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  1. Cas:


  2. Becky Fehr:

    Bravo, do what works for you! I can’t do my menu on the computer either! I do it in a scribbler and type them out later and print them off so they are easy to read and put them in a binder at that point so I can use them over again.

  3. Jean:

    I wonder what Mom would say about all the complicated maneuvers we go through to provide interesting meals for our families… something tells me this part of our lives is entirely too intense and though I enjoy variety, there are days my pioneer spirit yearns for the simple life… serving the basic same stuff all the time.
    When we come to Saskatchewan lets cook up some yummy suppers together!

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