Meet my main floor half bath, and its gaping hole in the ceiling. Ugh. This is definitely not what I was anticipating a year ago when we moved into this almost-new home. I thought a new house would mean less problems. Alas, the tub's overflow drain on the second floor was not sealed properly and has been leaking, probably since forever. My dad came over to pull the ceiling down today and we used our super sleuthing skills to find the problem. He sealed it for us and it appears to have done the what to do with that gaping hole?

Our first instinct is to redo the drywall, but Dad says there's some really nice looking suspended ceilings you can get now - which would be easier than drywalling. Contemplating going for a tin ceiling look - would that be weird if we did it only in this little bathroom and didn't have it anywhere else in the house? Please weigh in. While I'm asking for advice, what do you think about wallpaper? :)

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  1. Jean:

    Dad is SO amazing!! regarding the tin ceiling… as long as it’s not too ornate I can’t imagine that it would be out of place – get something understated. the dropped ceiling idea sounds good too… just in case anything in the bathroom above ever needs tending to again. (may it never be so!)

  2. Jude:

    Yes, go for it! It will be the beginning of a really special little room. Thank you DAD for all that you do for your children.

  3. Sher:

    the creative side of me says go with the tin, much more fun. The practical side of me says, definitely the dropped ceiling. Especially with a bathroom right above. If the tub or toilet should ever overflow it could happen again. Easy to install I’m told and easy to replace. Ceiling tiles and trim can be painted if you’re looking for something less boring than plain white. Wallpaper…”experts” say to never use it, but I think if you like it and can handle looking at it everyday, go for it. It’s your home. Let it reflect you and your family. 🙂

  4. dana:

    LOVE wallpaper – just finished one wall in our bedroom!
    Also like the tin look – my brother did it in his kitchen. But the dropped celing would be easy access, should you ever need it. And you can get nice ones these days!

  5. Becky Fehr:

    Ceiling sounds great. The wall paper is nice in a house but wouldn’t it be tough to deal with in a moist room like a bathroom?

  6. kim:

    Still not sure what’s going to happen in there – we went looking for ceiling options and didn’t find anything that didn’t LOOK like a suspended ceiling. We want it to look like we did it on purpose and not like we had plumbing problems and went with an easy fix 🙂 As for the wallpaper, I don’t think moisture would be a problem since it’s just a half bath, but I think we’re going to just paint instead.

    Thanks for all your comments, it’s so nice to get feedback not just on my reno Q’s but on all my pictures 🙂

  7. Wallpaper is making a huge comeback. I am considering it for our master bedroom. It is perfectly fine in the half bath – and it can be so fun too!

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