He is my eldest, my firstborn son. Four years old. So much of the time he seems so big to me. When my days are filled with him and his younger siblings, day in and day out, I begin to lose sight of the fact that they are not my peers - then I get frustrated when they act so immature ;)
They are young, both in years and in understanding, and it is my job to teach, instruct, and guide their young minds and hearts. What a high and noble calling.

3 Responses to “125: So Young”

  1. Jude:

    Kim! The Lord has gifted you with wisdom beyond your years and the ability to use words to help me. Thank you for this picture and the precious words that go with it.

  2. Becky Fehr:

    Handsome of course! Great picture with the closest side of his face down to hit button in focus and his other eye and cheek soft:)

  3. kim:

    Jude, if I say anything that is helpful to you it is all thanks to Jesus. What I wrote here, I constantly forget. I’m glad he was able to help me express it this way, so I can reread this time and time again as a reminder of what he has called me to.

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