Getting ready to put my Nikon D70 up for sale on Kijiji, and I feel like I am losing an old friend. Having second, third, and twentieth thoughts about getting rid of it, but I haven't been using it since we got the Canon T2i, and would like to get a flash for the new friend...what to do?

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  1. Becky Fehr:

    Sell it, you will feel better with a new flash… I am not one to talk… I haven’t sold my first BIG camera yet and it is just collecting dust… if I could find the perfect replacement I would do it. I love my wallet camera but I want a fancy one with flashes and such… GO FOR IT!

  2. YOU can sell ME the flash when I get back in July? Good idea? haha

  3. and even the lens if it makes it easier 😉 haha

  4. kim:

    Oh Steph, you and everyone else wants that flash. I’m trying to sell it all together because I’d rather deal with only one sale rather than 3, and I’m thinking I might get more for it all together rather than piece by piece. If it doesn’t move I’ll think about holding onto the flash for you. We shall see.

  5. haha aw. alright. understandable

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