Bailey was watching the boys very intently at the playground today from the confines of her stroller. I wonder what she's thinking?

4 Responses to “128: Blue Eyes”

  1. Emily:

    she’s probably thinking ‘mommy, why can’t I go and play?’

  2. Jean:

    She may be thinking,”Just a few days ago I conquered my fear of great granddad and mustaches… if I could get out of this stroller, I bet I could conquer my fear of climbing whatever it is my boys are climbing on over there… one day… one day…”

  3. Robyn:

    SSSSSSOOOOO cute!! I miss her already…….

  4. Becky Fehr:

    She is studying because she is gonna be doing crazy stuff at a much younger age then her brothers because she has such fun guys to learn from!

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