138: Model Me

Clay's away today so I thought I would get a shot of my beautiful face for him to see before he drifts off to sleep....hehehe

Okay honestly, I was going for something that looks a little more genuinely me, but getting the focus just right for a self-portrait using a big aperture with a self-timer....well, let's just say I have some practicing to do. This is one of the few that came out clearly. So here you have me - model edition. Don't you love the smoldering look in my eyes?

4 Responses to “138: Model Me”

  1. Clay:

    Thanks honey. I like!

  2. Angie:

    Hot Mama!! Kim you are GORGEOUS!!!! Fabulous photo!

  3. Becky Fehr:

    Smoldering for sure! Sure others who love you will love it no matter what you think of it:) I noticed your intense looking eyes right away Kim. Pretty cool shot. It is always tricky to take self portraits in focus.

  4. Kim:

    heh, thanks everyone 🙂

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