We were at Mom and Dad's today to celebrate my big brother Steve's birthday. Here he is lighting his many candles that I so graciously supplied for a perfect photo op for today!

3 Responses to “146: Happy Birthday Steve!”

  1. Jean:

    You sure there are enough candles? I thought he was 34? I made that same chocolate cake yesturday but with the addition of an incredible cooked icing – though I realize whipped cream would have been more traditional. Sorry we missed the celebration. thanks for the snap.

  2. Kim:

    He’s 33, but you’re not the only one who was off – Tor pegged him at 40 🙂 The cake was great as usual. Mom’s going to be baking a bunch for the wedding, and I’ve been recruited to make a pretty one for the cake cutting. I’m so pumped for the challenge! You guys are coming, right? (nudge, nudge)

  3. Becky Fehr:

    Great picture! Different from the traditional blowing the candles out picture, like it a lot.

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