I took this with Clay's iPhone, and am pretty impressed with the quality of it - far better than I would have gotten from my phone! We got free tickets to the Daughtry concert tonight, and a friend was kind enough to come babysit, so off we went to our first concert together in nearly 3 years. Wow, that's a long time.
The first opening band was Cavo, never heard of them, but they were really good. Then Lifehouse, and even though I have not kept up with them since their first album I really enjoyed them. Finally Daughtry, who made my night by covering Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight' (I am a closet Phil Collins fan thanks to my big sister Jean!), and by inviting Jason Wade of Lifehouse on stage with him during the encore to sing 'Home' together - what a great gesture. Wonderful night. We need to get out together more often!

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  1. Jean:

    You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Angie:

    Wasn’t the concert amazing!!!

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