172: Statue

Clay and I went on a date tonight, and took a drive by the river on our way home, in search of any photo worthy statues for this week's statue theme on the 365 site. Just finished taking these shots, when a couple of guys rode up on bicycles, wondering if we had any dope. It was time to leave.
And no, we didn't have any, in case you're wondering.

5 Responses to “172: Statue”

  1. I wouldnt even think you guys would even be the type who look like they would…lol

  2. ps. i always thought this statue was weird and impossible….denying the laws of physics

  3. kim:

    I agree Steph, totally not realistic. The girl standing on the guy’s arm bugs me, but Clay figures it’s totally possible….since they’re made of bronze 😛

  4. yeah. people made of bronze can do ANYTHING

  5. Becky Fehr:

    I love the light in this picture!

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