Another shot of beautiful Reese, who is nearly 2 weeks old - it's moments like these that I really love the burst mode on the shutter! Jean, this time, against the backdrop of one of dad's classic plaid shirts.

2 Responses to “176: Sweet Dreams”

  1. Jean:

    How gorgeous is this?! Great capture, Mitch. Everything about this picture is lovely – new baby, love of family, being yourself and somehow plaid and pastels don’t clash, smile and the world smiles with you – I know we all did! thanks, we needed to see another snap of her and Jr’s cant find their cord to put pics on their blog – believe Jillian absconded with it 🙂
    Happy Wednesday to me!

  2. Angie:

    This is a breathtaking pic and Jean’s comments sum it up perfectly!! Gorgeous Kim!!

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