Our much anticipated UPS package has arrived! This is going to be f-u-n!!!

6 Responses to “177: It’s here!!”

  1. woah nice!!

  2. Jean:

    what am I looking at here? a new career?!

  3. Kim:

    Jean, you’re looking at a possible side career for Clay (the mic and a bunch of little things are his video gear, and two of the lenses are ones that he wanted for shooting video – he’s going to start getting into wedding videography, first for a guy from work in June, as well as Steve and Megan’s wedding), as well as a toy for me (macro lens). I love that we have a shared hobby, because those lenses he got for himself double as toys for me. And eventually I dream of being a wedding photographer, but I need a lot more practice before I’ll be confident enough to do it, not to mention the small children at my feet.

  4. Cas:

    Kim, can u please post a list with some specs on all the fun gear you got? … I like gear.

  5. Cas:

    never mind, i’ll just look at the picture…i was just curious what the stuff on top was…but that’s for clay’s video stuff.

    PS- Rae n Jer went to a media conference (i don’t know why), and this pro videographer that’s done tv shows and movies for hollywood and a bunch of commercials and documentaries uses a panasonic something-or-other as well as a Nikon D5000 for the artsy shots. Long story short… Nikon’s not completely inferior when it comes to video (although canon does still have the edge for now), but as far as still shots go, it’s too bad you switched to the dark side…sigh.

  6. kim:

    Correct Cas, the stuff on top is Clay’s stuff: quick release plates for the tripod, glide track, and soon-to-be-purchased shoulder rig…and something else – the name escapes me – for attaching all the audio recording gear to said rig.

    As for Canon, the side has been chosen, and it’s not as dark as you may think! With all these new lenses, we’re pretty committed. Sorry to disappoint you so, cousin 🙂

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