I've been accumulating a bunch of fabric scraps over the past few years, thinking surely they'd come in handy for something. I kept thinking I should really get rid of the scraps if I wasn't going to do something useful with them. I had been toying with the idea of sewing a bag with them, and came across this today. So, voila! These are the bottoms of my dining room and living room curtains! I added a few extras - pockets on the inside. I am thrilled with the result, and perhaps the most thrilling part of all is that I DID NOT CRY !!!! hahaha! It sounds ridiculous to say that, but it's a big victory for me every time I complete a sewing project without breaking down in tears and wanting to quit at some point :)

3 Responses to “186: I didn’t cry!”

  1. I LOVE THIS!!! GAH!! lol

  2. Love the bag. Are you taking orders?

  3. Kim:

    Thanks Steph 🙂
    Carm, I hadn’t planned on taking orders, but I suppose I could 🙂 Surely with one under my belt I should know what I’m doing and the second one shouldn’t take as long.

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