Took this up at the lake - kiddos and I joined my parents up there, as Clay was away for the day.

I was captivated by the incredible clouds today, and thought this was a good day to attempt an HDR in post. I'm not sure if I am happy with the result, but I didn't have a lot of time to play with it as it is LATE and I am wiped out.

2 Responses to “187: HDR attempt”

  1. Jude:

    OH! Martens lake just as I remember it! This picture brings back a crazy amount of memories. One of which included an attempt at walking around the lake with Shon and Sher (can’t remember who else was with us) we had to be rescued at the far end by someone in a boat as we couldn’t go one step further. The other memory is of me jumping off the boat dock and hitting a piece of glass and almost completely cutting off one of my toes. I remember being slung over dad’s shoulder as we trooped over to the candy shack to ask if they had a first aid kit and all the kids trailing behind making EEWWW GROSS and LOOK AT ALL THAT BLOOD comments and nearly passing out a few times. Good memories!

  2. kim:

    hahaha, Jude! “Good memories!” I know what you mean, but that doesn’t sound like a very good memory!

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