It was Fun Day in the Park today in our neighbourhood, complete with bouncy castles. Markus and Wyatt took a little while to work up the nerve to go in, so we went to get their faces painted. Then we found a bouncy thing with not many kids in it, so off they went. They were thrilled with it, like I knew they would be once they finally just tried it. Apparently Markus was really getting into the whole dog role - cutest little doggie I've ever seen.

5 Responses to “188: “I’m a doggie.””

  1. Syd:

    Love it! Soo cute!

  2. Cas:
  3. Sher:

    Funny that he would choose to be a doggie, when he’s so terrified of them! …or maybe it’s just Snickers he doesn’t like? 🙂

  4. Kim:

    Sher, you raise such a good point, and I have wondered the same thing! It is not just Snickers he is terrified of, it’s all dogs. For some reason he and Wyatt love the idea of dogs, they just don’t want them getting anywhere near them. Markus even worked up the nerve to walk Angie’s little Zoe (even smaller than Snickers) and did a great job, but since then is quite nervous around dogs again. Oh well, he’ll come around eventually I’m sure. I can’t imagine he’ll be a grown man and still be scared to get near a fur ball 1/20 his size 🙂

  5. kim:

    Cas!! Hahahaha, that is hilarious!

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