There is such a simple joy and satisfaction that comes from seeing a row of cloth diapers hanging in the sun to dry.

Although I have three kids, cloth diapering is something very new to me. I always thought I would n e v e r ever use cloth, but my mind has very much been changed. I love them. Just finished a series of posts for my blog on the subject, and needed some photos to accompany them :)

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  1. Angie:

    Here Here!!

  2. Crystal:

    Hi Kim!
    I am JUST starting out with cloth diapers as well! I was wondering what brands have you used and which ones are your fav’s?

  3. kim:

    Hi Crystal!
    I use BumGenius diapers and love them! I wrote a few posts about cloth diapers on my other blog, head over to to read all about my experience.

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