My boys have recently developed an appreciation for tea, so I picked up some of these espresso demitasses for them to use as their tea cups - so cute.

On another note, after selling my Nikon D70, today was the first day that I had an, "I hate Canon, why did I ever get rid of my Nikon?!" moment. I shot this in my light tent and wanted to use my 430EX II as a wireless slave (shot in from the side), only to discover I couldn't. My SB-600 for the Nikon could. Frustrating that relatively comparable speedlites don't boast the same features. Canon I really need to get a hotshoe adapter to use my flash remotely? Cas...I know. Dark side.

2 Responses to “197: Tea Time”

  1. Becky Fehr:

    Love the shape of the picture and the placement of the cup:)

  2. Angie:

    You are officially speaking a different language – photography talk:) Similar to programmer talk in that I appreciate it, but don’t understand either:)

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