If only we were all this carefree about the way we look - she knows she's beautiful, even with a spaghetti stained mug!

At my big sister's request, taking a break from the artsy for a glimpse of one of our kids. Bailey is getting more and more steady on her feet as she cruises along the furniture, and more upset by the limitations she has set in her mind - that she can't walk. I don't expect her to wait too long, because she's a girl who knows what she wants and takes matters into her own hands to get it.

6 Responses to “200: Beauty Is Messy”

  1. Joanne:

    love that grin!

  2. Jude:

    Yeah! Back on track. Only a couple months before I hold and smootch that girl!… after a s l o ooo w and careful introduction of course!

  3. Robyn:

    What a cutie!

  4. Angie:

    My goodness that girl is CUTE!!!

  5. Dana:

    Gorgeous darling girl!

  6. Steve:

    “My Mom wipes my face, so I try to make it worth her time”

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