We took our boys to see Toy Story 3 tonight. It was their first time going to the theater, and we had no idea how they would react. They had more fun than this picture would suggest :) Markus covered his ears the whole time, and Wyatt let go of his ears pretty early in the movie and really enjoyed himself. No crying, so I count it a success! A wonderful father's day adventure with my amazing husband.

(Taken with Clay's iPhone by a kind, random passerby)

5 Responses to “202: Theater Adventure!”

  1. Emily:

    wow! that was taken by Clay’s iPhone? That’s a pretty good picture! How was the movie?

  2. Dana:

    Glad they enjoyed it with no crying!
    Oliver was scared of the monkey.
    Sounds like a nice Father’s Day!

  3. kim:

    The movie was great!! Pixar sequels are awesome, they stand alone as great movies rather than having lame storylines just to make an extra buck.
    Dana, I can totally see how Ollie would have been scared of that monkey! Especially when he was attacking Woody. The fire part at the end was pretty nerve-wracking too – for me!

  4. Becky Fehr:

    Awesome:) I always got Garnet to take each kid for their first time to the theater once potty trained. It is a big thing for little guys! What a memory and this picture is a keeper.

  5. Angie:

    So glad they had fun! They look terrified in the picture:) haha

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