"What the heck are these keys for?" That's what we've been wondering for the past few days, since Clay dug them out of his car while we were cleaning it. It was the question running through my mind on repeat the whole time I was trying to get this shot, and by the time I was finished, I think I figured it out. Thanks point & shoot.

My p/s camera, a Fujifilm, takes pretty good pictures outside. Inside, it did nothing but frustrate me - I speak in past tense because I've not used it indoors for almost 2 years! That is when we got our first DSLR and I have not looked back at that dumb little annoying p/s since. Until now ;) I joined a challenge on the 365 project site to put down the DSLR for a week. As much as I didn't want to, I wanted to. The big problem was, I had no idea where my USB cable was. (un?)fortunately I found it. So here we go, day 1. Not too bad, working on full manual here, and pretty impressed with the dof (depth of field) I was able to achieve.

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