Okay, so first of all, I really need to give credit where credit is due. Yesterday's photo, while set up on the tripod by yours truly, was snapped by my dear boy Markus (4 years old)! Pulling out the p/s has really sparked an interest of photography in him, and it makes a huge difference for he and his brother to be using a camera that I'm not terrified of them dropping. He's already becoming a skilled assistant.

As for today, he also took this shot! Unfortunately I didn't change the shutter speed before I handed it over to him, so this was terribly overexposed, but I just love the framing, the angle, and the expression on Bailey's face. Such a sweet and innocent little trucker girl :) Making it black and white seems to redeem the high contrast a little, and she's so cute that, in my mind, the overexposure doesn't even matter. What do you think?

3 Responses to “219: {Trucker Girl} – P&S Challenge, Day 3”

  1. Jean:

    I think it’s gritty and cool. Someday I want a tutorial for my p/s from you. I fluke out and get the occasional awesome snap, but I’m going to count on you to unlock the mysteries with me to take me to another level – cuz it’s unlikely I’ll ever get a camera like your beloved DSLR – or whatever the initials are for it.

  2. kim:

    Jean, I’ll do my best to unlock the mysteries with you. Add that to all the cooking we need to do, and we’re going to need that year of you being home. So looking forward to it!

  3. Ashley:

    I think this is an ADORABLE picture and actually looks very artistic. Markus did very well. 😉

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