Designed to resemble a Bavarian castle, The Bessborough Hotel is a historic landmark located on the bank of the South Saskatchewan River. The Bess' (pronounced 'Bez') construction was completed in 1932, but due to financial strains of The Great Depression, did not welcome its first official guest until December of 1935. From the day it started taking shape, it has been what defines Saskatoon's beautiful skyline.

My point and shoot delivered today! I did something with it that I would never dream of doing with the SLR - I hung my arm out my car window with camera in hand, and blindly shot - hoping for something good. While I'm not usually big on arbitrary angles like this, it's what I ended up with, and I think it really works! I love how the sky is reflected in the windows.

2 Responses to “220: {The Bess} – P&S Challenge, Day 4”

  1. Sydney:

    I love this pic! And the fact that you blindly shot it makes it that more amazing for me haha.

  2. kim:

    I know, hey Syd? I was SO impressed by my drive by shooting!

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