Does anyone know that song? An 80's classic by Kim Mitchell, who is also (in)famous for "Patio Lanterns". Those are the only two songs of his that I know, and much to my husband's chagrin, I love to occasionally serenade him with my 80's repertoire. As for Coke and Pepsi, I have no opinion. They were both in the recycling bin and I needed a willing subject for my photo.

5 Responses to “231: Might as well go for a soda”

  1. Wes:

    Kim Mitchell rocks…I think I still have his “Best of” somewhere…Clay might need to broaden his musical sensibilities 🙂 Although not healthy for your body…nobody hurts and nobody cries.

  2. Angela S:

    Well, I just finished watching my latin professor’s youtube video recreation of the old coke ads. “Have a coke and a smile.” It’s just so catchy! You can’t smile and have Pepsi because the meter wouldn’t work out. (And for the record, I drink both, though typically not at the same time).

  3. Becky Fehr:

    What a clear photo and, errrr, I must admit I know the song;)

  4. karina:

    of course i know that song and it brings back some good memories – although i think jason knows more of the words than i do 🙂

  5. e:

    coke leaves fuzzies on your teeth. pepsi doesn’t, and it’s a little sweeter. that’s the only difference i could ever tell. 🙂

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