My boys are going to be ring bearers together at my brother's wedding next month, and I took them for their tux fittings today. Here's Wyatt, being so cooperative (really!), doing just what was asked of him. He and Markus looked too cool for school in their t-shirts and tux jackets, but then they tried the pants on and I was not at all happy with the fit (which the guy at the store said was how they are supposed to fit), and then I almost choked when they told me that they charge the same price for a kids tux as a mens. $150? x2? Are you kidding me??! Thanks, but no thanks. We spent the rest of the day shopping for an alternate wedding wardrobe that is much cheaper for us, much more comfortable for them, and we can keep it and have them wear it again. I'm so happy my future sister-in-law is so easy going, and not picky about them having to wear tuxes.

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