My wonderful Wyatt turns three today! I am so blessed to have this boy in my life. He is smart, adventurous, affectionate, kindhearted, hilarious, and oh-so-goofy! He and his brother love to play pretend, and can often be found masquerading as monkeys, 'bad guys', monsters, Goliath, Buzz Lightyear... but Wyatt always comes back to his canine alter-ego: he insists he is a dog named Moosey, and has carried on the charade for a few months already. Moosey loves to snuggle Mommy Moosey (that's me!), and I'll take almost any chance I can get to snuggle this little man while he still wants to be close to his mama. He'll never grow up...right?

3 Responses to “244: “I’m free ye-ahs ode!””

  1. Dana:

    Happy Birthday Wyatt!!! Have a wonderful day!
    (I cannot believe how fast these last three years have gone 🙂

  2. Robyn:

    Ssssooo sweet!!! I love that little boy. <3

  3. Angie:

    Happy Birthday Moosey and Wyatt!! We hope you had a super fun day! Love, the Friesen’s!

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