I woke to fog hugging my world, thought it would make for some nice photos if only I could get out to take some. Alas, the day is too busy for that luxury. I wondered where my shot today would come from, then I looked at my deck and saw the rails filled with beautiful webs just waiting to be photographed. Thank you Jesus, for knowing my needs and providing before I even ask.

2 Responses to “254: Before I ask.”

  1. Sher:

    Reminds me of a beautiful necklace. So delicate. Unfortunately (for Tori) all the webs mean a lot of spiders…some of which have found their way into her room. Much praying has been done about that.

  2. kim:

    Awe, poor Tor. I know what that’s like – I used to be absolutely terrified of spiders, and a basement room did not help that situation! I’ll pray for her as well.
    Only in the last few years has my fear begun to go away – all credit goes to Jesus for that!
    After I took this picture it dawned on me how gross it was that the yard was covered in webs, so I grabbed a pole and started cleaning them all up!

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