"Auntie Kimmi, can I have another carrot from the garden?"
You bet, Julia!
The carrots are finally a good size for eating, and we were very happy to dig in today. There are few things that compare to the deliciousness of fresh veg from the garden.

Jean and Julia (my sister and niece) arrived last week by surprise, for Steve's wedding! We are having an awesome time enjoying their company - a short visit but definitely a sweet one!

2 Responses to “261: Bountiful Beauty”

  1. Dana:

    How fun! What a nice surprise!
    Nothing beats fresh carrots!
    Julia is beautiful!

  2. Jean:

    Nice to see sweet Jewel with a sweet treat (she does go through 4 or 5 carrots a day though, so guard those fresh from the garden ones carefully!)

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