263: Delish

I had a wonderful evening, spent with all my sisters on my side of the family - there are five of us now that Steve is married. A girls night with all of us is rare, since Jude lives two provinces away, and Jean in Kenya.

We went for dessert and coffee at Calories, a fabulous local restaurant and bakery. I used to be all about the chocolate, but now I cannot resist a good (I stress GOOD) carrot cake. Even better than the dessert though, was the joy of being together as family. I love you, girls!

2 Responses to “263: Delish”

  1. Hi Kim – I’m Sherry’s friend from the lake. Thanks for sharing your blog link with me – the idea is so inspiring and your photos are wonderful. I made it back in the archives to 115, and now my sand-burned eyes are bugging me – can’t wait to see the rest. 🙂

    Best wishes.

  2. Sher:

    the little kimmi (that used to comb straight my high maintenance permed hair that had been meticulously backcombed,moussed and sprayed), has grown into a lovely woman, whose company I love to share as well. Being all together was so fun last night. I feel blessed to belong to this family too.

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