281: Inspire

Recently I read that September is a much more appropriate time than January for make new year's resolutions, and it struck a chord with me. I have been feeling as though I am lost at sea in so many areas of my practical life lately, and seriously need to revamp and get back to living in a way that works again. Summer was a crazy whirlwind, and I am ready to settle into a little more predictability.

One huge area that needs attention is our diet. Having my wisdom teeth pulled in July completely threw off any effort I had been making in having healthy meals and snacks in the house - I just sort of shut down and went into survival mode at that point. Which is fine for a week. But then August was insanely busy, so there was no plan for food...we just crossed that bridge when we came to it. Which resulted in a lot of coffee for me, and a few too many donuts, fried food, and burgers all around. I'm sick of it. My body is screaming, "No more! I need real food!"

It's time for a reboot. When processed food starts creeping into our house more steadily, I often sit down with this book and just get a quick refresher on getting back to basics. Real food in a nutshell, is food that is old (people have been eating them for a very long time), and traditional (the way we used to eat them). It's an excellent read, as is "Real Food For Mother & Baby" by the same author.

2 Responses to “281: Inspire”

  1. Becky Fehr:

    Sounds like a good book, I am interested! Always interested in eating healthier. We love our ancient kale and spelt:)

  2. Dana:

    That will be my next request from the library!

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