283: Blah Buster

Admittedly, the past couple of days have been pretty uninspired. I used to stress myself out if I didn't get the perfect shot by the end of the day, and now I'm okay with whatever I get. Hence, a shot of my weather forecast yesterday.
I had already resigned myself to getting something pretty boring again today, but the raindrops on the lawn had other ideas. Today was a pretty trying day, and I'm thankful for my Jesus who heals my soul - today through supper and studying the word of God with friends, and some blah busting bokeh.

6 Responses to “283: Blah Buster”

  1. Sher:

    So beautiful!

  2. Dana:

    I really like this photo!

  3. Angie:

    One of my favourites!

  4. I love Bokeh. I have begun annoying my husband by yelling “Bokeh” every time I see it in a film shot..which is a lot since we’ve been watching foreign films lately. 🙂

    Well done once again, Kim. Gorgeous photo. I hope I can be as courageous as you are and have the confidence to regularly post my photos and learn from the process.

  5. Jean:

    a. what is bokeh and
    b. someday I hope you’ll tell me what part of your soul was needing healing on this day.
    I love you, Mitch. Keep pushing into God’s goodness to you.

  6. Kim:

    Thanks everyone!
    Christy – you should totally start your own 365 project! It’s so much fun. I’ve been pushed to try new things, and it’s cool to see how it is received by others – there have been days where I posted something just to fill the calendar, and people see beauty in it where I did not. Check out http://www.365project.org
    Jean – bokeh is the out of focus light. Remember our lesson in depth of field? If you have a short depth of field (crisp focus, blurry background), the pieces of light in the background will appear as blurry circles – bokeh (These are my descriptive terms…every definition of bokeh I’ve ever read sounds confusing, so I’m aiming for less confusion here. Let me know if I’ve succeeded) . You can even create the effect of shaped bokeh by placing a cut out shape over your lens – something I’ve not tried, but maybe should give it a try sometime to show you what I mean.
    Anyway, in this case, there was light reflecting off all the water in the grass, creating the bokeh effect.

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