288: Hem

Vertically challenged.
"How's the weather down there?!"
Yeah I get it, I'm short. No one needs to point it out to me, and thankfully no one really has since high school. I'm keenly aware of it though, whenever I buy jeans. No thanks to The Gap, who made their ankle length jeans 2 inches longer than they used to be. When did short people get taller, and why didn't anyone tell me? I don't mind though. As my sister once rightly pointed out, "It's not so bad being short - you can always make a pair of pants shorter, but you can't make them longer!"

3 Responses to “288: Hem”

  1. Joanne:

    Very cool picture. Your sister is a very wise woman!

  2. Sher:

    Great shot Kim! I love how you can see the fibers of the thread. That’s some serious macro.

  3. kim:

    Thanks Joanne and Sher! Yes, serious macro indeed – that lens is so much fun!

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