293: Jilly

Happy birthday to my niece! She's two. Don't you love her party skirt and flowy scarf? So much flair at 2 years old :)

3 Responses to “293: Jilly”

  1. Jean:

    yeah for Jilly-bean!

  2. Anything less than sequins from Miss Jilly, would have been a let-down. What a sweet birthday girl.

  3. Sher:

    Oh, my Jilly!

    God knows what He’s doing all the time, but sometimes I just feel it more intensely than others. She is one of those gifts that feels straight from Him. She’s such a typical child in so many ways, I know it’s my eyes that have been opened to see her as pure gift and nothing less~maybe because we waited so long for her, our 3rd child.

    Thanks for coming yesterday, Bitner crew!

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