295: Note to self

Dear Kim.
Next time you get a haircut that you're not sure you like, don't attempt a self-portrait session to change your opinion on the cut. You will get frustrated, dislike the hair even more, and criticize every single one of your other features in the process.
You're beautiful, even if you don't feel like it after an hour of trying to capture it.
Love, Self.

6 Responses to “295: Note to self”

  1. amy:

    If you ever doubt your beauty, just look at your gorgeous daughter who is pretty much a spitting image of you.

  2. Ashley:

    Well you look very pretty here, so no need to feel insecure! But I know how you feel. Bad haircuts are the worst!

  3. Jean:

    Seriously! What’s not to love about wrinkle free skin, shapely lips, perfect eyebrows (do you pluck these beauties yourself, or what?!) and, expressive eyes that hint at the intelligence, humor, caring, and potential therein? Besides, hair grows back, clips and scarves make you look SO cute, and now you know again that what counts more is on your inside, not your outside.
    Live in truth, sister, in every area of your life (this I’m preaching to myself as well).
    Love you!!

  4. Angie:

    I love your honesty Kim! We all have those moments and it’s so important to try to see ourselves how God sees us! You are gorgeous my friend!

  5. Sometimes I think I took up photography because it means I don’t have to be in the pictures. For someone who loves photos, I rarely find any of myself that I think are beautiful. And how sad that we ladies are so gullible to fall for the fleeting, perfectionist version of beauty.

    I love your photos and I love them even more because of how honest they are about the nuances of real life. Thanks for sharing your heart in this process – that’s beautiful. 🙂

  6. kim:

    Thanks for the comments, all you beautiful ladies! I’m trying to be more real and honest about life and my struggles, so thanks for allowing me that freedom, and for relating. We’re all on a journey, and when we drop the charade of having it all together, we find we really do have a lot in common, don’t we?
    @Amy: I get my good looks from her 🙂 She really is gorgeous, isn’t she?
    @Ashley: Thanks for sympathizing! It’s growing on me now (I guess that could come across as punny – I didn’t intend it that way, but is pretty clever…)
    @Jean: No one has ever said I have nice eyebrows, haha, thanks! Yes I do pluck them myself. Thanks for putting it all in perspective, sister.
    @Angie: Thanks 🙂 I’m learning that if I’m just honest about it, I realize how silly it all is. Putting the crazy thoughts down in writing makes it easier to see the truth Jesus is trying to reveal to me…in all situations, not just this one.
    @Christy: I know what you mean about hiding behind the camera! I don’t have a lot of photos of myself that I really like either, so I’m trying to make it part of my 365 challenge to get a few keepers. Sometimes they’re just laughable (Uh…pouty model lips on 10 shot burst? yeah…) but occasionally I get one I like.

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