298: Hard to get.

It has become a hilarious game (in his opinion), to run from the camera. He likes to play hard to get, but I'm up for a good chase now and then.

After I was done, he wanted a turn with the camera. It's so cool to see the world from his perspective :)

4 Responses to “298: Hard to get.”

  1. Jean:

    hello, little handsome fella! in our family we call those eyes “little half moons of joy”. What a treasure to have a Markus such as this within our family fabric. Kiss that boy from a. Jean please : )

  2. kim:

    The kiss has been delivered!

  3. kim:

    Bailey needed one from you too 🙂

  4. Becky Fehr:

    Wow he sure is a handsome guy!

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