303: Mars Hill

It has been an amazing day! We are in Seattle for an Acts29 Church Planting Network Boot Camp, and spent the day at Mars Hill Church here in Seattle. Having had Mars Hill in my living room via vodcast for the last 2 and half years, it was so cool to actually be there in person today. I wanted to get a shot from this angle while the singing was going on, but decided to stay put at that time and just experience it. While the day was filled with incredible teaching, that time of singing in particular was so amazing to me as I took in the sight and sound of this room filled with men - real men, Jesus-loving men - singing from the depths of their soul in worship of the God who saves. It was incredible, and gives me great hope for the work of the gospel. Jesus is equipping his church with real men to lead and preach the good news of the gospel. I can't wait for tomorrow.

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  1. Angie:

    I’m thrilled for you two to be experiencing this! So wonderful!

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