304: It’s a blur

The past few days have felt, to use the words of Tim Smith, like drinking from a fire hose. Refreshing, but so much to take in! Convicting, inspiring, and now I (we) need to just process, and decompress.

We headed to the water near Pike Place Market to find supper, and ended up at Elliott's. Now, I'm not big on seafood, but I'm also not big on being unadventurous. I figure if I'm going to learn to like seafood anywhere it's going to be near the ocean, not 2000 km away from one (which is where I live). I had the most amazing salmon in my life for supper! And I tried an oyster. I didn't say I liked it, but I did try.

As for this shot, what do you think? Successful panning? I quite like it.

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  1. Sydney:

    I love this shot! So cool!

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