311: Admiration

I love it when these boys play well together. Can't you see the stars in Wyatt's eyes as he looks at his big brother? Here they are on our deck, which was renamed "The fighting floor".
Markus challenged Wyatt, "Do you wanna come fight me on the fighting floor?"
Wyatt's response was an enthusiastic, "YEAH!!"
It was good medicine for a sick mama.

2 Responses to “311: Admiration”

  1. Angie:

    I love love love this pic! Can’t wait to see Beckett’s little brother or sister look up to him like that! Hope you’re feeling better Kim! Would love to get together with you sometime next week and hear ALL about your trip – every detail!

  2. Sher:

    Check out the angle on Markus’ hair in the front! love it!! The fighting floor. Your boys have such great imaginations.

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling bad, sick mama. Get well soon.

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