316: Batgirl

A favourite pastime around here lately is watching the old Batman TV series. Bailey's favourite part is the theme song, to which she chimes in "Na-NAN!!" every time they sing 'Batman'. Sometimes I don't know how to handle her cuteness!

The boys find the humour hilarious, and the action larger than life. I wonder what they'll think of it 10 years from now, after they've been exposed to a modern action flick! For now though it's good clean fun, and they love to run around pretending to be Batman and Robin.

2 Responses to “316: Batgirl”

  1. batman will ALWAYS be a classic. Nice work, loving catching up on your blog since iv been gone. good work

  2. Becky Fehr:

    My kids are totally into dark wing duck and duck tales lately! Love those older cartoons. After looking at this photo all I can say is I don’t know how you handle all her cuteness either!

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